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DTA: Curacao Griff by mameedoodles DTA: Curacao Griff by mameedoodles
wheezes really rushed dta entry for Shegoran 's aotd Curaçao Griffin bb ;v;//

Curaçao Magpie Gryphon

Legends about griffons (or gryphons, whichever floats your boat) always seem to differ no matter how alike the beasts maybe. They're gold hoarders, guardians of gold veins, tricksters, heralds up on high, the ultimate symbol of both land and sky, power and intelligence. The king of both beast and bird.
They carry the sun on their wings and protect powerful artifacts, one of which, a holy grail.
They say that those worthy of a griffin's (gryphon's) respect and blessings would be gifted with a sip of such a legendary relic, thus the nectar of gods would flow through their veins.

One such guardian became curious of their charge. A young magpie griffon (gryphon!), a small thing it is (was?), had gracefully waddled over to their grail. An enchanting goblet of glass and fire. Peering in, it spies a swirling liquid as blue as the skies, vast like the ocean and its infinite wonders. Oh, the knowledge such azure ambrosia would grace!!
Magpie leans ever closer into the cup, even more curious, so much more enthralled, hoping to catch a glimpse of one of the gifted secrets. Maybe something that it would not know. Hah, a jest! There is nothing as intelligent and as all knowing as the griffin! (gryphon!!)

As the saying goes, "curiosity killed the cat."
So with a slip, a squawk and a sploosh! -- well, there goes that cat.
Of course, that was only half the phrase.
A millennia of mysteries and the knowledge of the unknown -- all granted within the milliseconds of a single dizzy tizzy  moment.

Who knew death tasted so bittersweet-- and like alcohol no less?!

But really, how do you have a hangover with no head?

The answer: you’re probably undead by now.

I guess satisfaction really did bring them back!


With that, our dear Magpie (alternatively ‘Curaçao,’ for how it would crow on and on, endlessly about the beautifully lethal liqueur and how it made one’s world spin in sync with the universe) returns, rebirthed from the brink of death and bottled for (honestly) its own safety.


Now, the little Curaçao Magpie dutifully loiters in its grotto as an even trickier trickster, the giddiest of guardians, and would so openly share the secret source of spiritual-evoking spirits of their holy grail (which in turn miffed and confused countless heroes and many the mindless travelers.

also just got back from a sibling's promotion ceremony @ school ghhghg iM BEHIND ON ART AAAAA
QuillCoil Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
oh my, fantastic!! hope you get him!!
mameedoodles Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
aaa, thank you! ;v;//
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